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All the creations in this world, from the tiniest to the biggest are created by Almighty God in the most perfect way and as mentioned in the Holy Quran, he has placed them all at the service of mankind.

The duty of mankind in return, is to make optimum use of these blessings and to take care of them. We are obliged to respect the nature and the laws governing it. Otherwise, we will face the consequences in long term, and even sometimes in short term; in other words, one might face nature’s punishment.

The problems mankind is facing these days, including worldly or spiritual problems, are all results of his own carelessness. For example, massive cutting of trees, extensive use of pastures and plants cause widespread loss of source of oxygen and floods which are seen in effected areas during rainy seasons.

Vast use of fossil fuels result in production of greenhouse and poisonous gases causing everyday increase in air pollution, which is one of the greatest unfelt and dangerous problems to which, unfortunately, enough attention is not paid and the policies and procedures taken so far lack the sufficient pace.

massive use of insecticides and pesticides are poisoning fields, water and fruits. The infection of water with heavy metals which is a result of industrial garbage and left outs entering into water, derange the cultivation of plants and turn their use to a danger.
The use of different medicines in husbandries causes lasting effects in their products (milk, eggs and meat) such that their transfer to human body after their consumption causes unwanted and dangerous side effects.

Great use of volatile chemical substances which is one of the basic causes of damage to Ozone layer has resulted into prevalence of certain diseases whose treatment is not that simple. With whatever intention, good or bad, by ignoring laws of nature, being selfish and considering short term needs only, the nature will return the negative consequences back to us; this is just a small example of carelessness of human beings towards their surroundings.

The slogan for last year’s world health day, decided by World Health Organization was “The effect of Climate Changes” emphasizing on importance of taking an action before its too late, as some of the effects mentioned above will become irreversible if measures are not taken in time.

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